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Real Training. Real Results.

Personal Training. Performance Coaching. Trainer Education.

Change is difficult. I help you work through change as efficiently and sensibly as possible. Whether you are preparing for an Ironman, want to play a round of golf pain-free or just make sense of all the noise in the fitness industry, we can navigate that together.




My Story

I’ve been fortunate to be physically active my whole life. Along the way, I have had my fair share of bumps, bruises, sprains, strains and broken bones. My experiences with  injury have given me the ability to relate with my clients and athletes challenged by injury and recovery. I often hear stories from my clients that they are after they are cleared from physical therapy, they don’t feel like they are “back to normal”. 

I’ve had that experience too. Rather than feeling like I was in a vicious loop of treating the symptoms with PT then going back to what I was doing to just end up aggravating the old injury, I decided to take a look at the bigger picture. I work with physical therapists, chiropractors and other health professionals to address the injuries and pain while looking at posture, movement patterns and other behaviors to stop the vicious loop. Today, I am pain free and know when I am getting out of balance and know what steps I need to take to get back in balance physically, and I help my clients do the same.  I often tell clients that I’m not one of those trainers who loves to work out. My training is the minimal effective dose in order to do the activities my clients and myself enjoy doing.

"Thanks to Coach Sam, my shoulder injury has fully recovered and I'm back better than ever!"

Oren, Elite High School Rugby Player in Southern California


How I Can Help

The process of helping you starts with meeting you where you are now and making a clear plan of how to get where you want to go. Obviously, plans change and we can adjust the way we work together to reach your goals. Usually, the way we will work together falls into a combination of the following categories:

Movement Restoration


Movement Restoration is kind of like getting your operating system reprogrammed on you handheld device or computer. We are able to safely restore normal or near normal natural movement patterns to minimize the recurrence of injury or prevent other injuries to arise.

Load Training
Load Training benefits everyone! Load is anything, including yourself, that increases the demand of the working muscles beyond normal activities of daily living.  Load training will help improve overall strength and reduce the risk of injury.
Sports Performace Training
Performance Training is about making the skill you are trying to become better at, easier to obtain and less likely to get injured getting there. Improved strength, power and cardiovascular efficiency for your sport needs with proven systems and practical programming strategies to fit your life to get you to that next level.

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

The Functional Movement Screen helps us to measure a baseline of your strengths and weaknesses, so that we can create a program that is fully customized to your needs.  

How We'll Work Together

Local Training (Midcoast Maine)

There are two locations we can work together in-person. 

During the first meet-up, we'll establish baselines in movement capabilities, body composition and posture followed by an introductory movement session.

Remote Private Training

The initial tele-conference meeting will take about 30 minutes to discuss goals and dive deeper into current and previous hobbies and activities of daily living. Next, we will go through a brief Functional Movement Screening to find out movement needs to compliment your goals and busy schedule.


"Sam has been my trainer since I had my first child.  My husband is image-conscious, so maintaining my figure is critical.  After eighteen years of happy marriage and three kids, I can still fit into all my pre-marital cloth, including my wedding gown.  For those who want to stay the same and make their partners happy, Sam is the best." 


“Working with Sam at Dynamic Physical Therapy and Sports Conditioning has been a huge benefit as I’ve faced the rushing onset of middle age. His approach is truly thoughtful and considerate of my own objectives, fitness levels, injuries and busy schedule. Sam has tailored his plan to help me build flexibility, strength and fitness, keeping me motivated and helping me push myself. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to start a fitness plan, or change up their regular routine.”


”Working with Coach Sam has been the best form of training I have received. Not only does he help improve your physical strength, but he also has the best physical therapy and can get you back to being healthy and feeling better than before. He is the best trainer I’ve worked with and is a role model I’ve gained along the way.“

Contact Sam

Ready to Take the First Step?

Once you’ve made the step to contact Sam he will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have and see if you would like to move forward with an initial consultation. Once you decide to have the initial consult,  he will provide you with a brief questionnaire to get to know more about you and coordinate a time that is best for your schedule to meet in person at one of the locations, or to meet over Zoom for remote clients.